Anyone can read about the signs of suicide, alcoholism, or drug abuse but to create a film about these issues, be respectful of the afflicted, and think deeply about impacting the opinion of others requires a level of involvement that has lasting impact and requires leadership. UMUT youth have produced two award-winning films on the subjects of poverty, homelessness, teen suicide, bullying, homophobia, domestic violence, alcoholism, and substance abuse. The films, ESCAPE and THE STRENGTH OF SIBLINGS, have won 4 international film awards and reached over 5 million people online through YouTube and Vimeo views. In addition youth have presented their films at film screenings and national conferences to more than 2,500 people. Through the screenings UMUT youth gain confidence and increase communication, advocacy, and leadership skills. In the film workshops youth learn workforce development and digital media skills that will enable them to apply for internships, explore various career opportunities, and share their culture.